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Ottotori 2018 - Forti Del Vento
  • Ottotori 2018 - Forti Del Vento


Ottotori 2019 - Forti Del Vento

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OttotorsOfForts of the Windit's aRed wineofAlto Monferrato, more precisely ofCastelletto d'Orba, the Ovada area closest to Alessandria.

Ottotorstakes hisfirst namefrom the name ofvineyard from which it is bornthis wine:grapes dol... (ah,right, I cannot mention the grape variety for a "red wine" without denomination) inpuritytreatedwithloveAndrespectby its producers.

L'ideaof thiswinein fact it arises fromdesire for Marco and Tomaso- ifacesand theessenceOfForts of the Wind- Ofrestore dignityAndhonorto agrape variety of the territorythattoo oftenhe comesovershadowed.

Inthis winetheOvada grape varietyfor excellencehe comestreatyas acru,vinifiedinpurityfromone vineyard, doneto matureinwoodAndrefinedinbottle: awine to waitforto enjoyAndunderstandfullyall its qualitiesAnduniqueness.

It is atough wine,powerful, thatexpressesall thepeculiar characteristicsof theterritoryfrom which it is born. A wine ofstructure,matter,predominant tanninAndfinesse.

Why you should drink it

If you wantunderstandthereal potentialof theOvada territorywhen it comescultivatedsecondnature,OttotorsOfForts of the Windand thewine that's right for you. Aauthentic winedonewith no drawn bridlefromrediscoverand fromappreciate, able toamazeand to put in circulationdifferent reflectionsonwineand on thelifein general.

When to uncork it

When you and yoursfriendsyou decide toorganizeablind tasting,surprise themwithOttotori of Forti del Vento: I'm sure no one will be able to understand what it is. Abeautiful discoveryable tospark energetic and fun debates.

How to drink it

I advise you tokeep itincellarfor a while, fromwine rich in tanninsand withgood acidity, Andperfect for aging.

Vinification and Aging

After acareful manual harvest, the grapes are brought intocellarand doneto ferment spontaneouslyinsteel containers.Subsequentlythe wine comesmaturedforone yearinwooden drumsit's donefurther refine in the bottle.

Do notsulphites are addedand thefermentationtakes place formeritOfunselected natural yeasts.Do notany is carried outclarificationorfiltration.


We are inAlto Monferrato, toCastelletto d'Orba, inAlbarola Valley, in the province of Alessandria.

Forts of the Windhere ownsseven hectares of vineyardsonhilly terrainabout300 meters of altitude, which cultivates in fullrespect for natureinbiodynamic regime:no useOfchemical productsAndsafeguardfrom thebiodiversity.


Landrich in gypsumAndclay.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Trick
Degrees: 13.0
Format: 0.75
Name: VDT
Year: 2019
Philosophy: Natural winemaker
Typology: Trick
Colour: Red
When to drink it: To indulge yourself
Peculiarities: Natural
Reference: 720360
Allergeni: Solfiti