Champagne Brut Aoc Eclat - Esterlin Vinové ESTERLIN
  • Champagne Brut Aoc Eclat - Esterlin Vinové ESTERLIN


Champagne Brut Aoc Eclat - Esterlin



The Brut Éclat is a classic Champagne blend , because it is obtained from the three classic grape varieties of the champagne area - pinot noir , pinot meunier and chardonnay - which are the three main interpreters of 99% of the Champagne produced. A bubble that gives fresh and complex aromas, a sip of Champagne with a sophisticated and precise bubble with that ability to make you exclaim: " Ah, Champagne is always Champagne ".

The Maison Esterlin has an exciting history , which was born in the postwar period - precisely in 1948 - when three wine producers came together for a common Champagne production project, creating a successful company, now supported by 200 associates .

Why you should drink it

Brut Éclat is almost didactic with its classic aromas and flavors of that area of the world called Champagne . It will satisfy you because it has the aromas of freshly baked brioche , with honey and fruit that are perceived on the palate . The finish is savory with citrus notes .

When to uncork it

" I only drink on two occasions: when I am alone and when I am in company ": so said the stand-up comedian Boris Makaresko.

Surely the Maison Esterlin Brut Éclat reflects both the thought of the Russian writer and mine: this Champagne is always good , it can be accompanied by appetizers to desserts. You are never wrong with Champagne .

How to drink it

To drink a Champagne like Brut Éclat , the temperature is essential . Always serve between 8 and 10 degrees , leaving the bottle in the lower compartment of your refrigerator for about three hours.

Alternatively , you can have fun using a more classic method : let the bottle cool in the champagne bucket (the beach one your kids play with is fine too) with a mixture of ice , water and salt for about 20 minutes .

Vinification and Aging

Esterlin Brut Éclat is a product without malolactic fermentation to maintain the freshness and complexity of the aromas . Aged for over 36 months and another 6 months after disgorgement.


The Maison Esterlin has the particularity of producing in the most suitable soils of the Côte Des Blancs , located a few kilometers from Epernay.


The soil where this Brut Éclat is produced is almost totally chalky at a moderate altitude and means that the Chardonnay grape (one of the three grape varieties this champagne is made of) gives its best right here, combining a good concentration with the sweetness of the fruit. , a great acidity and minerality .

village: France
region: Champagne
Grape variety: Pinot Meunier,Pinot Noir,Chardonnay
Degrees: 12.0
Format: 0.75
Name: AOC
Philosophy: Maison
Typology: Champagne
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Home invitation
Peculiarities: Silky bubbles
Reference: 713500
Allergeni: Solfiti