Colline Lucchesi Doc Casa E Chiesa 2021 - Lenzini
  • Colline Lucchesi Doc Casa E Chiesa 2021 - Lenzini


Colline Lucchesi Doc Casa E Chiesa 2022 - Lenzini



The “Casa e Chiesa” of Tenuta Lenzini is a Merlot with a capital “M”, it takes its name from the locality where the vineyards are located, that is, between Michele-Benedetta's house and the church of the small town of Gragnano, here the vines they grow following a "reasoned viticulture" , as defined by the winery, which allows us to obtain healthy grapes that express the moods of the vintage and the naturalness of the land, a true "emotional oenology".

This is a red produced with 100% Merlot grapes which on the nose is a riot of juicy dark-toned fruit, earthy notes, forest fragrances and light undergrowth nuances amplify and enrich the bouquet. On the palate the freshness dominates, delicious, rustic and satisfying , tempered by the innate roundness and fleshiness of the variety.

Why you should drink it

Immediate, simple, rich in fruit and freshness , capable of inviting a second glass like few others can do, defining “Casa e Chiesa” as an everyday wine could be an understatement.

A drinkable, sincere and pleasant sip that will be irresistible!

When to uncork it

This is one of those wines that you have to uncork without asking too many questions, every occasion is a good one , it is certainly an interesting pairing with first courses based on red meat , also perfect with a nice mushroom risotto !!

How to drink it

Being an artisanal wine, I advise you to uncork it and let it 'breathe' at least 15-30 minutes before tasting it, serve it at a temperature of 14°-16°C .

Vinification and refinement

A minimally invasive approach that prohibits any form of intervention on the must such as clarification, filtration or addition of sulphites, fermentations take place spontaneously through the intervention of indigenous yeasts in tubs without any temperature control. The refinement takes place in steel and concrete for approximately 24 months .


We are on the green hills of Lucca, in the small town of Gragnano , here we find the 13 hectares of vineyards corresponding to the name of Tenuta Lenzini, founded in the 16th century and originally belonging to the famous Arnolfini couple, portrayed in the famous painting by Van Eyck, now exhibited at British Museum in London.


Meticulous attention to the cultivation of the soil, which does not undergo synthetic treatments, copper and sulfur are used only as strictly necessary.

village: Italy
region: Tuscany
Grape variety: Merlot
Format: 0.75
Name: DOC
Year: 2022
Philosophy: Natural winemaker
Typology: Merlot
Colour: Red
When to drink it: Daily glass
Peculiarities: Soft
Reference: 791530
Allergeni: Solfiti