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Antea 2019 - Tenuta Anfosso Vinové ESTATE ANFOSSO
  • Antea 2019 - Tenuta Anfosso Vinové ESTATE ANFOSSO


Antea 2019 - Tenuta Anfosso

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Antea Origins ofAnfosso estateit's aWhite wineunique, because it is produced in a single variety from a rare example of historic white berried grapes ofLigurian territoryof the extreme west, so rare that we cannot tell you

(In reality it is a "table wine" and for this reason, according to the competent Authorities, I cannot reveal to you precisely which grape it is)

But what I can tell you is that it is a vine that, likePigatoAndVermentino, best translates the Ligurian territory through the glass: a wine with iodized, brackish aromas but which, especially at the sip, knows how to be the protagonist.

An ancient white wine - colored, a little macerated - that traces the historical white wine made inDolceacquabefore the 70s, but with the technique and wealth of today. In short, a "precise" and "mouth-watering" wine.

Why you should drink it

If you want to taste aLigurian wine, which tells something authentic about this region, theAntea Origins of Tenuta Anfossois the bottle for you.

Why drink it? Not only to taste something unique, but also because you can tell what lies behind this name and in particular behind the underline "Origins":Alessandro Anfosso, current front of the winery that produces thiswine, he wanted to take back the flavor of the wine that his father and grandfather made through a different interpretation of standard vinification.

Absolutely to try, if you want to amaze.

When to uncork it

When you want to impress with a bottle that no one expects.

Entertain your diners: try to make them guess what label it is!

No one will ever tell you it's aRosseseLigurian white (in fact we didn't say it either, eh)

How to drink it

Fresh, never too cold,the Antea Origins of Tenuta Anfossoit is a white to be appreciated in its nuances, better understood at temperatures that are not too low.

Vinification and Aging

The grapes are harvested by hand and left to macerate for 96 hours, the must obtained is placed in a steel tank for fermentation at a controlled temperature and, once finished, racked into large 500-liter acacia wood for a year.


We are inextreme western Liguria, in the first hilly area ofSoldano, in the first hinterland overlooking the Maritime Alps, where the vines are all terraced and with a high average age.

The scenario is that of a Ligurian amphitheater shaped on cliffs between the mountains and the sea with slopes that reach 60% when delimited by dry stone walls.


Clayey with medium calcareous mixture.

village: Italy
region: Liguria
Grape variety: Rossese Bianco
Degrees: 13.0
Format: 0.75
Name: VDT
Year: 2019
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Rossese Bianco
Colour: Orange
When to drink it: Fish dinner
Peculiarities: Macerato
Reference: 732030
Allergeni: Solfiti