Toscana Igt Masseto 2019 - Ornellaia
  • Toscana Igt Masseto 2019 - Ornellaia


Toscana Igt Masseto 2015 - Ornellaia


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Masseto is a dry red wine produced within the estate that bears the same name as the wine, Masseto.

Tenuta Masseto was inaugurated on 12 April 2019, owned by the Frescobaldi family and currently directed by Axel Heinz , it was created to celebrate this monolithic wine as a concrete symbol of the power of Masseto.

Always considered unique for the exclusive characteristics of the terroir: an impervious vineyard, in an uncontaminated and harsh place, where the success of the product is not taken for granted. Masseto is produced with 100% Merlot , in the glass it appears deep and bright ruby red in color while the nose is a riot of Mediterranean aromatic herbs, combined with fruity hints of blackcurrant and blackberry jam. The taste, which is enveloping , with a full structure and elegant tannins .

Why you should drink it

And do you need to ask?

Tenuta Masseto's Masseto is among the most important, rare and prestigious red wines in the world, a true king of Italian enology and able to compete with the great world wines.

A masterpiece that defining excellence would be almost diminutive!

When to uncork it

Wine to be uncorked on special occasions, accompany it with red meats with special processes, also combined with quality products such as white truffles .

How to drink it

Uncork and let the wine breathe for at least an hour, to be served at a temperature of 18°-20°C .

Vinification and Aging

Careful selection of the grapes which are subjected to a soft pressing , followed by alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks for 25 days and maceration on the skins for 15-20 days. Aging for 24 months in barriques , after 12 months the assembly takes place and finally another 12 in the same barriques.


From the three sub-zones of the Masseto vineyard (Centrale, Junior and Alto), at an altitude of 120 metres, with a spurred cordon system, the climate of this area is mild and tempered by sea breezes. This Cru is distinguished by the influence that the sea determines at all times: while the light reflected from the aquatic surface rests on the vineyard, the breeze that blows from the sea refreshes the hot summer days and makes the bunches drier in the winter months.


The sea also owes a particular characteristic of the soil , in which the roots of the Merlot vines sink: the blue clay ; coming from ancient sea beds , brought to the surface by tectonic movements, where it is still possible to find traces of its past with the presence of minerals and fossils .

village: Italy
region: Tuscany
Grape variety: Merlot
Degrees: 14.0
Format: 0.75
Name: IGT
Year: 2015
Philosophy: Conventional
Typology: Super Tuscan
Colour: Red
When to drink it: Special occasions
Peculiarities: Soft
Reference: 790950
Allergeni: Solfiti