Champagne Brut Aoc R.016 2016 - Lallier Vinové LALLIER
  • Champagne Brut Aoc R.016 2016 - Lallier Vinové LALLIER


Champagne Brut Aoc R.016 2022 - Lallier



The Champagne house of Lallier was born and wrote its history in 1906 in the heart of Aÿ, one of the 17 Champagne villages classified as Grand Cru. In pursuit of excellence, the founder's grandson, Réné-James Lallier, began in 1996 an important work of modernizing the winemaking tools. Then, in 2004, Francis Tribaut bought the property.

Lallier's Champagne Brut R016 is the result of the assembly of 44% Chardonnay and 56% Pinot Noir from grapes harvested mainly in the villages of Avize, Cramant, Oger, Ay, Verzenay, Bouzy and Ambonnay.

The R series is a reflection of a vintage ; in fact in this specific Champagne the grapes come for 86% from the 2016 harvest with the assembly of the remaining 14% from the 2010, 2012, and 2014 harvests. Dosage 7 g / l for this crunchy and intriguing Champagne Brut .

The color is bright golden yellow, with a fine and continuous perlage. The nose opens on floral notes, aromas of fragrant fruit, hints of bread crust, hints of pastry, hazelnuts and toasted dried fruit. On the palate it is intense, rich and harmonious, with a ripe fruit and a fresh and mineral finish.

Why you should drink it

Because Lallier, despite the difficult year that was 2016, has created an incredible Champagne Brut !

In fact, 2016 is a difficult, demanding wine campaign with a frenetic pace for winemakers.

So let's make a summary: in itself Lallier is a guarantee, if you then put all the effort you put into 2016 to create an excellent wine despite the difficulties ... do I still have to explain to you that this is an excellent Champagne ?

When to uncork it

Champagne Lallier Cuvee R16 is the typical Champagne to blossom for important occasions!

Carrying this bottle you will look like a real sommelier! Accompany it with fresh fish dishes, cheeses, vegetables and cold cuts… You will enjoy these bubbles on a new level!

How to drink it

The best temperature to enjoy Lallier's Champagne Cuvee R16 is between 8 ° and 12 ° C.

Vinification and Aging

Alcoholic fermentation takes place with Lallier yeasts, followed by partial malolactic fermentation . The assembly consists of 80% white wine from the 2016 vintage and 20% reserve wines (2012, 2009, 2008). Disgorgement takes place 6 months before shipment.


The Champagne house of Lallier is located in the heart of Aÿ, one of the 17 Champagne villages classified as Grand Cru.



village: France
region: Champagne
Grape variety: Pinot Noir,Chardonnay
Degrees: 12.5
Format: 0.75
Name: AOC
Year: 2022
Philosophy: Maison
Typology: Champagne
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Special occasions
Reference: 714200
Allergeni: Solfiti