Franciacorta Brut Docg Cuvée 7 Magnum 1.5L - Sparviere Vinové SPARVIERE
  • Franciacorta Brut Docg CuvĂ©e 7 Magnum 1.5L - Sparviere VinovĂ© SPARVIERE


Franciacorta Brut Docg Cuvée 7 Magnum 1.5L - Lo Sparviere



Lo Sparviere Franciacorta Cuvée n. 7 Brut Magnum has an annual production of about 60,000 bottles and was born only from Chardonnay grapes .

This Franciacorta knows how to combine the rigor and minerality of calcareous-clayey soils with the floral exuberance and softness of moraine soils.

The color is bright straw yellow with golden reflections. On the nose notes of honey, ripe fruit, including yellow peach, white dried fruit, especially almond, and accolades of bread crust. In the mouth it is savory, fresh and mineral, balanced in expression, it remains long while expressing a softness in the structure that is clearly perceived.

Why you should drink it

Ok: the Sparrowhawk Magnum n.7 is that bottle that absolutely must not be wasted.

Lo Sparviere Franciacorta Cuvee 7 Brut is the latest wine born from Chardonnay grapes , it has a fascinating, fruity and savory taste, and is a wine capable of being immediately appreciated for all the characteristics that compose it. In short: if you try it, it convinces you by itself!

When to uncork it

Call your longtime friends to report and tell them you have an ATOMIC bottle to enjoy sip by sip along with good food.

You can start with an aperitif: indulge yourself with vegetable puffs, salmon canapes and various pies. And then to make the splendid we recommend delicate fish appetizers, whether they are cold or hot: then throw us a seafood risotto and it's done!

How to drink it

The Sparrowhawk Magnum n.7 is excellent if drunk at 6-8 ° C.

Vinification and Aging

From the vineyard the boxes of Chardonnay grapes are placed in a refrigeration cell at a temperature of 4 ° C, for a duration of 24 - 36 hours. The grapes thus cool down and reach a temperature of 10 ° C. This process favors a better extraction of the varietal aromas. The cooled grapes are brought into the press for the soft pressing of the whole bunches : only 60% of the must obtained from the first pressing is used for this particular cuvée . Fermentation is carried out slowly at 16 ° C to retain all the aromas. The maturation of the base wine on the lees lasts about 7 months in stainless steel tanks and the tirage for the second fermentation takes place in the month of May.


The Lo Sparviere farm is located in Monticelli Brusati, south-east of Lake Iseo. The company's vineyards are located in the municipalities of Monticelli Brusati and Provaglio d'Iseo, close to the first mountain ranges of the Lombard Prealps.


The soils of this area, unlike the lands of Franciacorta of morainic origin reported by the melting and retreat of the glaciers, are indigenous and made up of calcareous marl. The name of this rock formation is Lombard flint.

village: Italy
region: Lombardy
Grape variety: Chardonnay
Degrees: 12.5
Format: 1.5
Name: DOCG
Philosophy: Conventional
Typology: Franciacorta
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Romantic evening
Peculiarities: Brut bubbles
Reference: 702710
Allergeni: Solfiti