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Colli Tortonesi Timorasso Doc Derthona 2019 - Mariotto




TheTortonesi Hills Derthonaby Claudio Mariotto is aWhite wineOfpersonalityAndstructure, produced in the real estate of Tortona in Piedmont.

Derthonait is a wine like few otherstellstheits territorywithfranknessAndauthenticity. Producthandcraftedfromgrapestimorasso, a not so well known grape variety, asipcharacterized bystructureAndmineralityalmostunusualin thewhitesmost common in Italy, such as to be particularly suitable forevolution in the bottleand toaging.

Derthona, over the past twenty years, it has become not just a fancy name, but oneflagof somewinegrowerslocals- including Claudio Mariotto - for therediscoveryof thetimorasso, grape variety betweenmore nobleAndinterestingto discover.

Why you should drink it

Derthonais today a name thattellsaareaof southern Piedmont in absolutegrowth,narratesOfproducersAndstoriesalmostheroicthat, with so muchdetermination, they are wearing asuburban areato be thelargest forge of white winesimportant in Italy.

To better discover the Tortona Hills, let's start with one of the producers who best knows how to convey everything through the glass:Derthonamay be thebest start.

When to uncork it

ThisTortonesi Hills Derthonaby Claudio Mariotto is apowerful wineAndrefinedfor the whole meal, without being afraid of particular combinations, such as white meats and aged cheeses.

How to drink it

Derthonait's awinewhat can beenjoyedtodayas a young manoraged a few yearsto appreciate the moremineral notesof evolution. Awineto havealways in the cellar.

Vinification and Aging

ThegrapesI'mcollectedin September,pressedAndfermentedwith iown indigenous yeastsafter oneprolonged macerationtovery low temperatures.The refinementis exclusively inlarge tubs.


The denomination of theTortona hillsis made up of thirty municipalities located in the south-eastern part of Piedmont, all having acommon denominator: thegeological and climatic predispositionto host aviticultureOfhigh quality.

Characteristicof all the wines of the Colli Tortonesi DOC is themarked sapidity, due to the clayey-marly soils, which transfer salts to the grapes and consequently to the wineunique features. THEwines obtained, thanks to their particular minerality, they present strongpredisposition to aging, even in the case of whites.


The vineyards are located at about 300 meters above sea level on the Tortona Hills, on soils made up of clay and sand.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Timorasso
Degrees: 14.0
Format: 0.75
Name: DOC
Year: 2019
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Timorasso
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Fish dinner
Peculiarities: Artisan
Reference: 721315
Allergeni: Solfiti