Campania Fiano Igt Sancho Panza 2017 - Il Tufiello
  • Campania Fiano Igt Sancho Panza 2017 - Il Tufiello


Campania Fiano Igt Sancho Panza 2019 - Il Tufiello




TheSancho PanzadeThe Tufielloit's afiano,grape varietytypical ofIrpinia, Apennine region a800 metersabove sea level, a territory usually cultivated with wheat and cereals and thereforecrazyto dobe bornthewine.

It's a "orange wine"That is amacerated white wine- produced byfermentationof thejuiceOfgrapesfrom thelight skin- that youwill amaze.

Why you should drink it

Why, by tasting thisfiano, you canenjoyadreamnever completely dormant and tell the adventures ofGuido Zampaglione,producerIrpino crazy-dreamer with a plan in mind, which he has been able to give shape to.

Guido started doingwinewith his family in Campania and then move to Piedmont, starting his very successful personal project ofGrillo Estate, which producestreat,barberaAndcourteous.

The desire, however, was to start over fromorigins, to recover what had been and continue onenhancetheir roots: that's how, after thefirst wineborn in this distant area of Irpinia in2004(Don Quixote),is borntheSancho Panza, faithful narrative of the territory:minerality,sinewAndcomplexity.

When to uncork it

Eye, theSancho Panza from Il Tufiellonotand theclassic whitefrom fish.

Beforeto introduce it to friends, make it yours,know him,appreciate it.

So you cantell iteveryone and become the star of the evening.

How to drink it

Push that awaybottleOffianofrom the fridge and nobody gets hurt!

TheSancho Panzaand fromkeepin acool place, never cold.

Drink it like a red.

Vinification and Aging

THEmacerated whitesI'mproductsfromvinified white grapesinRed, or thepeelseigrape seedsare left inmacerationwith themust.


Alta Irpinia, almost 800 meters above sea level: a panoramasingle, a borderland stretching towards Vulture and Puglia, the land oftraditionAndauthenticity.


A singlegrape varietycultivated, thefianoin the high hills on poor soils with a density of 6000 plants per hectare.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Fiano
Degrees: 12.0
Format: 0.75
Name: IGT
Year: 2017
Philosophy: Natural winemaker
Typology: Fiano
Colour: Orange
When to drink it: Dinner with friends
Peculiarities: Macerato
Reference: 796885
Allergeni: Solfiti