Barolo Bricco Rocca Docg 2017 - Cascina Ballarin Vinové CASCINA BALLARIN
  • Barolo Bricco Rocca Docg 2017 - Cascina Ballarin Vinov√© CASCINA BALLARIN


Barolo Bricco Rocca Docg 2017 - Cascina Ballarin




Cascina Ballarin 's Barolo Bricco Rocca DOCG is a portentous wine , which describes itself .

Bricco-Rocca is in fact an additional mention of the denomination of Barolo located in the municipality of La Morra , in the Langhe , a true specific cru of a particularly suitable area : for Bricco we mean the highest part of a hill , for Rocca the name of the village which is located at the foot of the hill and which gave it its name.

Barolo Bricco Rocca DOCG has an intense ruby red color with orange reflections . The nose is intense with rich aromas , slightly herbaceous , hints of peel , elegant and with floral notes of rose and violet .

In the mouth it is powerful , rich , sweet , fat and persistent .

Why you should drink it

Because!? You don't even have to ask!

We are talking about what was called the " King of Wines, Wine of the Kings ", a vine that has marked the history of the Langhe for over 4 centuries and is a source of pride for winemakers and wine connoisseurs !

And Cascina Ballarin has not pulled back from this challenge : quite the contrary. He welcomed and exalted it in the best possible way with Barolo Bricco-Rocca !

When to uncork it

Friends , Sunday , game or game : what can improve it all ?

A nice bottle of Cascina Ballarin 's Barolo Bricco-Rocca DOCG !

Trust me: at the next meat lunch invitation, bring a bottle. Your friends will crown you a trusted sommelier !

How to drink it

The temperature to enjoy this red is between 16¬ļC and 18¬ļC .

Vinification and Aging

The vinification is traditional in thermoregulated tanks . It ages for 16 months in cask and refines 8 months in the bottle .


The territory where this Barolo is produced is located in the heart of the Langa , home of Nebbiolo and obviously Barolo , in particular we are in a so-called MGA ( additional geographical mention ) or cru in the municipality of La Morra .


The soil is calcareous , blue marl .

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Degrees: 14.5
Format: 0.75
Name: DOCG
Year: 2017
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Barolo
Colour: Red
When to drink it: Game dinner
Peculiarities: Artisan
Reference: 720190
Allergeni: Solfiti