Barbaresco Docg 2018 - Ceretto Vinové CERETTO
  • Barbaresco Docg 2018 - Ceretto Vinové CERETTO


Barbaresco Docg 2018 - Ceretto



TheBarbaresco di Cerettoit's aRed wineentirely produced bygrapesnebbioloIn theheartof theLanghe.

ThereCeretto familyowns severalheldIn theheartof thePiedmontand in particular thisBarbarescoAndproductinMonsordo Bernardina Estate- at the gates of the city ofSunrise- withgrapesfrom the municipalities ofNeiveAndTreiso.

You are ahead ofan interpretationclassicalof thegrape variety, then in front of avery balanced wine. In fact, you must know that inpasttheBarbarescowas produced withgrapes from different municipalitieswithin the denomination, trend that it isoverturned in recent years, in which it has instead begun toto producefor eachsingle vineyardaaloneandunique wine- gettingwines more or lessausteredepending on the origin.

TheBarbaresco di Cerettowas born to be therepresentationOfall the souls of the territoryof the denomination - Treiso, Neive and Barbaresco itself -meltingin aunique winethecharacteristics of each.

The result is aliquidmanifestof aterritory:gluttonousAndtypical,synopsisof aLanga, that of Barbaresco, which moves in the glass alternatingstructureandelegance.

It is anebbiolorefinedinlargebarrelsOfwoodto keep the characteraustereandelegantof the great Barbarescos without having too much concentration or notes dictated by the aging in barrique.

Awinethathitsfor itsenveloping sipAnddeep,a companyOfreferenceit's acult wine.

Another aspect that underlines the great path ofCerettoAndthe approachdifferentwith respect to the concept ofmodern oenology.Cerettoit arises in factthe targetof therespectecosystemand the search formaximum yield of the plantand hishealth, to obtainwinesthatexpresstherepersonalityof everyterroir.

Why you should drink it

ThisBarbarescoit's aimportant winedesigned by a reference company thattellsfinesseandelegance, asipthat - I bet -makes all your diners agree. I recommend it because, like few companies in the Langa,Cerettoknows how to becutting edgeboth inworksinvineyardboth in themodern cellar techniques, always keepingan identitytraditionalAndterritorialwhich always has an eye on the environment and the biodiversity of the place.

Here: this story by Barbaresco is the synthesis of everything.

When to uncork it

Cerettohe devised thisBarbarescowhy it wasfaithful representativeof this part ofLanga: avoyageto do seated, comfortably, at home.

To drink thereevening, especially at the end of those heavy, boring work days that never seem to end and that make you want to be somewhere else.

TheBarbaresco di Cerettooffers you the solution:uncork itAndimmersethe head in thosehills so sweet...

How to drink it

ThisBarbarescoit's arich wineAndrefinedwhat can betastedfromyoung, but what - fromtrue enthusiasts- we can tasteeven more in a few years.

Vinification and Aging

Alcoholic fermentationAndmalolacticinsteel tankstocontrolled temperature; follows arefinementOf12 monthsinoak tonneauAnd12 months in steel.


TheClassic Barbarescois the result of aassemblyof theour most beautiful vineyards: onesmall part of the Asili,the plotyoungerof age in Barbaresco, and thelower partof theBernadot of Treiso.


Theterritoryis characterized bycalcareous marl, or sedimentary rocks composed of clay and calcium carbonate, and fromrockssedimentarydefined sandycommonly sandstones.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Degrees: 14.5
Format: 0.75
Name: DOCG
Year: 2018
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Barbaresco
Colour: Red
Peculiarities: Biologico
Reference: 721505
Allergeni: Solfiti